Creative challenge list

I will share a list with you, it is a bucketlist that started to vuild up on me, all of these creative ideas I like to share with you.

Do you have any ideas of your own that you have not gotten around to?

Wich one would you like to do first?

Choose at least one challenge of the list and complete before this month is over.

Should you have any difficulties about ”where” to try your idea. Just get in contact with me and I will give you suggestions. There are no more excuses 🙂

  • Visit an art exhibition or an historic place abroad (Document and live that vibe for the day)
  • Try to blow glass, make something unique!
  • Start a bookcircle, create a book list in one app on your phone or participate in @bokutmaningen (any bookreading challenge on social media)
  • Travel to watch the northern lights in the north of Sweden or any city in the north of Sweden that is offering an adventure, culture or local-culture. (A lot of Swedish people has never been to the north)
  • Build a tree-house, a playhouse or put up a swing at home, outside or in your living-room. A swing has proven to increase the blood circulation and therefor your creativity.
  • Participate in a fashion-shoot or a stand-in in a movie shoot.
  • Attend a theatre- improvisation course or take the opportunity to learn more about sound or light-technique for the theatre or music-stage.
  • Write a chronicle or article about something that is important to you, ask someone to correct the text, send it to a magazine.
  • Do you have an idea for a book? Do your write poems or would like to publish series or sketches? Put together a selection of your best material and send it to at least to publishing companies. Or attend @skrivutmaningen on instagram or any writing-challenge on socialmedia.
  • Read a book about something you know nothing about. Or read a book that you bought years ago, write a review or articulate your opinion in any other mediaform.
  • If you would do research or do scientific research, in what field would that be? Make a live video where you pitch your idea and pretend that you will be able to solve or improve one of the problems in this world. (Pretending is how to be creative)
  • What language is the most beautiful? What language would you like to be able to speak better? Or what language is the hottest? Take a course in the language of your choice.
  • Make a buckelist like this one and write down your ideas, write down ”when” you are going to do these ideas. At least 5 should have a time and date.
  • Would you like to get to know people better? Join a group activity from ex. Meetup app or try something (new) that you like to do at a new place. Attend at least 4 meetings.
  • Do you like to do crafts? Would you like some inspiration? Choose 5 creative projects (from Pinterest) and when you are going to do them.
  • Visit one of the citys museums, art exhibitions or any galleri. Choose your favourite exhibitions object and sketch it from memory.
  • Try Roller-derby, circus arts or go on a cityguide where you participate in activities. Or play Pokemon Go with strangers is another option.
  • Read a 5-15 point, course at the university of your selection. Perhaps Rhetrorics? Litterature? Exhibition media?
  • Learn how to make podcast, invite yourself to an already existing podcast where you talk about a subject you are comfortable with. Or just be brave and attend, then listen to the podcast afterwards. (The challenge is to hear yourself be creative)
  • Do you collect items? Perhaps you have a collection of china you could show off at a venue? or perhaps the largest music-collection in the city? Make a playlist and share it with everyone you think should have it!
  • Write a love-letter to someone who deserves to get one. It could be your partner or your mum, or someone else.
  • Bake and design a cake, give it to someone who has a birthday or just have a cake-party like they did in the old days.
  • Start a circle of debate and discussion, feminism, philiosphy or perhaps around a theme, at least 5 meetups!
  • Invite to a movie and discussion night. A movie of interest, of course! -Invite at least two people you dont know!
  • Swim with dolphins! ( I wanted to do this since I was a child, I know the problematic conditions of animals in zoo)
  • Try (icelandic) horseridning (or) be a cowboy for a day.
  • Create a pattern or buy potts and plant 4 different flowers that you like. (if you have cats, make sure the flowers are not poison to them)
  • Find an old article of yourself or a radio interview, make a short story about what happned after the interview, like a timecapsle, 10 years later… Ego-boosting is important for creativity!
  • Take a day off to go for a massage, or to a spa, salon etc. Try at least one treatment you have not tried before. Peeling, Foot-massage?
  • Learn how to dance! Salsa, Tango, Classic or a genre of your own choice. Show off your skills at a club, in a show or post a video on youtube.
  • Write and perform a speech. For an examination party, birthday, wedding or funeral or any event of your choice.
  • Record a song and musicvideo for fun! If you are brave you will post it on youtube or send it to your close friends for a good laugh.
  • Buy a LP-player and two records, dress up in clothes from another era. Invite people for a 20’s jazz night or a 50’s party in dotts!
  • Buy a bullet-journal and create your own calendar to maximize your planning. Be more effective or to plan your work and creative plans, and most important, your rest. Perhaps use different coulors for different plans?
  • Lay a puzzle, at least 1000 pieces. Make a picture of it, hang it on your wall. Or give it to someone as a gift.
  • Redesign an old item of clothing, glue patches on to it, cut off arms, coulor or do batik-design. There are lots of crafts-groups to get inspiration from on facebook! Or attend a creative group at ABF or Studiefrämjandet.
  • Fix something broken, build something or rebuild something, something new out of something old. Redesign or paint a chair or change handles in your kitchen?…
  • Make your own game, mosaik or pattern in a computer program or use a pattern on textile or metall to make your own design. Or play around and learn a designprogram on your computer.
  • Learn how to read maps.
  • Take a course in furniture-design, design or photography.
  • Dress upp as one of your role-models and send them a fan-boost where you tell them why you look up to them. (Ego-boosting others is important for growing creative power! ) It could be your father, a teacher or a celebrity.
  • Meditate once or more every week. Take a course if you want to meditate in groups.
  • Play together with another adult, with or without a child. Go to an amusement park, airhop or just have a waterfight in the backyard.
  • Make your own. T-shirt design.
  • Take a course in (theatre) makeup and styling and then show off your skills on yourself or somebody else!
  • Volounteer or work with a festival, event or make an event of your own where you make it together with a community. Not all creative ideas can not be made by yourself!
  • Write and record a short-movie.
  • Attend a cause or event like the pridefestival, amnesty or demonstration where you are an active member in the parade, do signs or take part in the planning.
  • Write a debating article or debate a subjcet your care for, at least 10 smaller debates on twitter.
  • Learn how to dive for deep ocean diving. Then go to a place and deepdive.
  • Attend a networking, speedating or exhibition event and make at least 5 new connections.
  • Go to the train station, book a ticket for the next departure, book a hotel on the train. Take the weekend off, just explore this new city enviroment and make video/photo/ notes. (To be creative is to be spontaneous!) Or you can attend #författartåget on instagram or any travel-meet up.
  • Take a bubblebath and write down all your ideas and solutions to problems you might have. Then float, and think about all the things you are grateful for. (Time depends on you)
  • Buy a old phonebook, try calling 3 random numbers and start up a conversation with the person in the other end of the phone. Or strike up a conversation with someone on the bus. Or make contact with someone who’s business-card your got but never got around calling. Make a meeting about something specific with them.
  • Have a walk or run in the forest. Pick up 5 things that you bring back with you home. At home you will decide how these 5 things can be intergrated to your homespace. Perhaps a branch could become a hanger for jewelery or clothing….

My idea with this list is to make it longer, with your help. Perhaps we could do all of these challenges together?  Send your suggestions to me or comment in the field.

PS! Even if you do nothing on he list. You can write what you would want to do in the future, and why. Creativity could mean different thing for different people.

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