Hells bells

Fires in the sky.

Tomorrow your reasons and remains leave This drunken twisted world, we call earth.

I will sing my heart out and stand my ground.

I Will be the very fire at hells gate,

You got me Ringin hells bells – AC/DC – do you remember?

We found each other in the music, in life.

Fire and ice.

— Harsh, Cold. Fuck yeah.

Your voice in my head.

You could face any weather and toxic enviroment. Without your hands, and your voice, where will I go for comfort…


– Hells bells, hell, hells bells. (Ahahaahaaa) sung by choir in the background.

Headbanging twisted world

Truth though, bravery is overrated.

Your words.

You believed that God was a strange drunk pedofile, supporting the systematic rape of women and children, a crazy nascar sport-lover with less analythical skillls and unfortunate addictions that in the end should lead to suicide.

I would almost all the time Agree with You.

— We are merely our energy.

Yes, I Agree.

We lack yours. Everywhere there is hate I should look for your stregnth.

I want to go down in flames. Your voice in my head. The song by 3 Doors down, the only modern rock reference that you would use.

Love without limits, fuck and give it all You got. You said it, so did Lemmy kilmister, You where cut from the same cloth, been infected and breastfed with rock k roll.

For the life of me I cant believe I would be me, if there was no you.

You taught me everything with an edge.

Fires in the sky create:


Hard companionship

A need and effort to come back to reality,

To earth.


You were, for the rest of us.

The cycle of life you said, like

— Big Bang

Like the nature your passing is a nature phenomenon that remind me of rock solid decisiveness. You were done.

In the cathaatrophic event at the same time, calm.

You are the storm that rock my boat.

It rains fire.

You are the Fire in the sky

Ringning hells bells

Ps. If There is a god, then he is a son of a bitch and I want to kick him in the nuts.

Not your words exactly, but they could be.

Publicerad av Cizzi Grönkvist

Normkritik, retro, vintage, teater, design, politik och skrivande. Feminist med anlag för sarkastisk humor.


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